Forgotten Lads Club - SmartBCH NFTs

Forgotten Lads NFT is an art project which consists of 7500 modification created to enlighten users of the youthful exuberant which portray what we are today. This lad is you, this lad is the life you always wanted and the bold decisions you took and never departed from.

Each unique lad has a story to tell due to it traits. After all, NFTs has been minted owners will have the chance to tell a story from his or her childhood days which relates to the trait and will be added to the NFTs.

Our Story & Why Forgotten Lads was Created

At the end of last year, we embarked on a journey to create something truly remarkable for BCH community.

We wanted to provide SmartBCH supporters with a blockchain-based solution that would allow them to share their stories with world. Beside who can tell your story better than you.

we are finally ready to unveil what we have created. ( )

A solution that can help us all to get connected, share and learn from each other, and create social awareness to the BCH ecosystem.

join the telegram community: Telegram: Contact @ladsnft

If these are original designs, I will suggest you upload them to Opensea.

It :100: original and it currently list on


Also this collection is on SmartBCH ( Bitcoin Cash side chain - read more about =