New Bitcoin Cash users, check in here and get tipped!

Hi new Bitcoin Cash users!

Check in here with a photo of yourself holding your BCH wallet. Be sure to include your BCH receiving QR code clearly in the photo so you can get tips!




Hello George, what’s in here? It been a long time, each time I checked in here there’s nothing for me to read because the Post are not in English language.

About the new users email I received, how do I go about that?

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Welcome to the forum. What’s in here is whatever the community creates! Got questions? Ideas? Open a thread! Let’s talk.

Most posts right now are in Spanish because Spanish-speakers are choosing to participate. But this forum is open to everyone, everywhere. And this thread is English-only.

If you read the email (and OP), it explains to you exactly what you need to do!

Where are you based? If in a major city, this will interest you: Work With Panmoni - Bitcoin Cash Site

Am based in Nigeria but not in Lagos. However, I have a BCH enthusiast based in Lagos that might like to work with you.

How about the content writing aspects, isn’t that a viable option anymore?

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Please refer him to us, yes please.

What kind of content do you want to write? Feel free to send me a proposal with past work to [email protected].

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Hello, George, I think I found someone who lives in Lagos and very eager to know about the merchant onboarding process and how to get involved.

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I just installed Electron cash wallet, a mobile wallet to send and receive Bitcoin Cash(BCH). Quite easy to setup and use.


To be elegible for tips, it’s one photo as described in the email and OP, never two separate ones.

Thanks for giving it a trial run, please let us know your feedback. Tipped!

Unable to scan the QR.

Alright, let me post a new photo here

No screenshots! Follow the instructions please!



Tipped @Umairkhaan and @Fexonice1 !

Tip received, thanks

This one was click during this year Eid day! I was trying to spread BCH to people I know. I love BCH because it has changed my life for better and now I want to spread it more because I know it will change the lives of people.


Tipped! Let’s keep building Bitcoin Cash!



Tipped! Thanks for posting.

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