New Bitcoin Cash users, check in here and get tipped!

can I still participate?

Yes, go ahead. All legitimate posts accepted!

Hello I’m Bosco from South Sudan am happy to be here it’s nice joining the Bitcoin Cash community.

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Welcome Bosco! Let us know if you need anything.

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Yeah thanks George for your reply I have been a volunteer for the EatBCH_SS program but this time I want to onboard merchants and how to do massive adaption in my community. Currently Planning to do some meetups in my home town so how can you advise.

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That is excellent. I think you onboarded to our merchant onboarding course. Did you get the course email?

Yes I onboarded but not seeing any email in my inbox.

You can also see the content of the email here: So you want to onboard a BCH merchant?

Yes I want to be onboarding and create mass adaption in my community.

Great, please onboard them to our system so they can get the introductory email sequence and then they can post their own picture in this thread.

I can’t permit posting of third party pictures of people with wallets in this thread, too much potential for abuse.

May I know more about the system and perhaps there’s a link so that I can send it there.

The next step is to do the course linked above.

Okay I will do so sir.

Hi. Im beginer. Please help further. Thanks very much.
My bch wallet:

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Welcome, I tipped you. Feel free to ask any questions.

I have received something valuable to me, thank you.
I’ll keep it in my wallet, for savings. If I have enough I will buy a smartphone, so I can focus on crypto further.

Because my smartphone is still Android 4.4.2, I can’t use many applications.
For the time being, I do transactions and others using a PC, sometimes I borrow a family smartphone.

Thank you again, hopefully Bitcoin cash/BTC can catch up with BTC and even beat the price.

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I sent you a tip. You’re welcome.


Thank you very much, I have received it.
You are very kind.
I will save from your gift to buy a smartphone if it is achieved, because currently my husband and I have one smartphone to be together. So it is not optimal when you want totality in BCH.


Thanks @kenny ! Happy New Year!

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You’re welcome. Wishing you a great 2022.

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