Panmoni - is Hiring: Earn up $500 by helping us find qualified candidates

Hi guys, we’re hiring and this is an opportunity for you to make some extra money. Help us find qualified candidates and you could earn a finder’s fee of as much as $500 USD payable in Bitcoin Cash BCH.

We’re looking for:

  • community manager
  • Africa Lead
  • South Asia Lead
  • Nigeria Lead
  • India Lead
  • Lagos Operations Manager
  • video editors (freelance)
  • graphic designs (freelance)
  • translators (freelance)
  • voice-over artists (freelance)
  • salespeople in dozens of cities

Get the full details and help us build Bitcoin Cash mass adoption:


I can help in South Asia lead :slight_smile:

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Welcome @Naveedahmed and congrats on your first post! Be sure to follow the instructions as how to apply. TIA!

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Finally am here, I can fill in some positions here. I can take community manager, get a graphic designer, a video editor, and recruiting of salespeople in my community.

Welcome @Fexonice1! OK, standing by for your application!

I have started talking to some people about the vacancies for the Nigeria BCH project, am I to onboard them first before recommendations?

Cool but I don’t understand the question.

I mean how do I bring them in as a referee, I got two graphic designers and a video editor.

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The page I linked to in OP has this information, thanks.

I have found someone who is based in Lagos Nigeria, a coordinator of the Lagos group of a new crypto project that is yet to be trading on any exchange platform.

Interesting. Please feel free to share with him.

I have done that already, he said he has other capable hands that can join in the work. This person is not a graduate but have much experience in onboarding process.

Great. I hope they will reach out to me.

That’s for sure, am trying to educate them about BCH and how to apply for the positions.

Someone asked about the benefits attached to those roles and I don’t know exactly what to tell them

Please tell them to follow the instructions to apply if they are interested, and nothing more.

Hello George, got your first prospect. Has he reached out to you?

Great work! I don’t think so no. He can also register here (you too) for a chance at the prizes:

Hello George, I registered for the 1M project some hours ago and was told to confirm my email address, but there has not been any communication email sent to me up till now. I am unable to register someone since I can’t find my name on the list.

You registered as a person. To be on the list, you need to register as a contractor.