Where Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is Accepted Locally and Globally - MarketplaceGOLD NEW Geodirectory Platform

Hey BCHers, you’ll want to check out this geodirectory map I’ve created of BCH-friendly businesses around the world, feel free to add a free listing to MarketplaceGOLD.

Who Accepts Bitcoin Cash:

Bitcoin Cash is the most widely adopted fork of Bitcoin. It exists simply to provide fast, low-fee, secure cryptocurrency transactions which make it advantageous considering the high fees that now characterize Bitcoin. If you want to buy a coffee with crypto, #BCH is for you!

Its use case has been validated by over 2000 businesses, large and small, that accept it as payment.

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Thanks for letting us know. Where do you source your data from? How do you ensure it remains up to date?

You might want to post this to https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/ as well.

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Some of the businesses were added by the owners themselves, some I added just by searching for BCH accepting. Yeah, I’ll add it to reddit.

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